If someone is a little close and personal on the internet (but not met yet, of course), it is normal to be a bit flirty and cheeky. Of course, this is all right, but you have to know how to do it — otherwise you get left completely in the air. Get to know someone online flirting cool — inevitable. But he knew how to turn her is something that is like a real challenge. How to be a girl in the atmosphere over the Internet? Well, that talented vocabulary gearbox, and a small action started now!

  • used the wrong word. Forget overly formal — it's time to get some real action happens. It's worth it if you have a way with words — so requests, it can get a little specific, so it is to be able to continue to tease the imagination. Women like to be mentally stimulated so to keep him interested with that little mischievous.
  • exchange a few pictures. might have done, but try to send over some photos of the best angle — something provocative (but not hot of course) to feed the curiosity and intrigue even more. Ask him to send images to him — believe me, he will be more than happy to oblige.
  • Call. If you feel that there is almost (almost turned on), and I think she can call her. This can lead to a little more than an innocent phone call, but try this trick — call her, but kept telling him to do bad things on the Internet — necessarily get turned completely off.
  • Use the web camera. Try to keep the potatoes — but do not take off your clothes just yet. This may be a bit extreme (unless you do not agree, of course), but you only get connected visually through the webcam. It's much more fun and personal.
  • Get creative flirtatious. Keep talking and stay connected, women tend to be too emotionally connected to something or someone that is real or the Internet. So when he says the interest he of care. Keep flirting and make it a point to read between the lines as well. She can be turned on your way before you even realize it.

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