Phone Tricks plate and joy, because people are not expected to develop. Check out this confusing, outrageous trick phone.

This trick is similar to a typical "pick a card" trick, just choose the magician and the spectator in your phone.

The trick

I call a friend on the phone and explain how you intend to do a magic trick than a phone.

I ask you to shuffle a deck and divided into 2 equal piles, pick a card from one pile of note and place it in the bottom of the pile to another; this is their chosen card.

ask him to slow to deal with and call out the cards to the top of the hill, which contains the card of their choice. He calls out the first card and has to stop, apologize, because I made a mistake; I must first cut the deck. He puts the card back on top. They claim that he cut the deck.

Now ask him to slow to handle the cards at the bottom of the pile that contains the card of his choice to call out the cards, as they are converted. He engaged the whole pile, and I ask him to do it again.

started over, and suddenly asked to stop. I tell him the identity card of his choice, and it is next to be reversed. It turns the next card, revealing the card of their choice.

Please GUESS what you think You may do this chicanery? It may help to answer the following questions about a particularly interesting trick: Why is asking to divide the board? Is it really a mistake when I asked her to handle and call out cards for the first time? Why I ask to reduce the pile? Why ask deal and call out the card at the top? Why not deal with the bottom? How to know the identity and location of his choice card?

congratulate yourself if you set up a reasonable plan to make this trickery. The Wizard will thank you. I did the trick this way.


first asked him to share with the board, so you do not have to wait until he called me out of all the cards full deck

This dial-trick had to be a way to create a key card in the phone. Asking him to deal with and call out cards from the top, and then acted as if I made a mistake, having said that, the identity of the upper plate of his pile, I use this card to my key card and wrote down that you do not forget.

to the rest of this mechanical work independently trick played out as described above. The first dealt with the cards on top of the pile, I listened to my Key card, and he knew that his choice was a card next card. I wrote down her chosen card.

Then when he addressed stopped again when he called my Key card. Then I told him the identity card of his choice, and these seem to have predicted. This made.

This is a great trick baffles phone amazes and delights. WOW.


My Family Magic books I deal with the concept of card tricks so easy to do that magicians do not need to touch the cards. Instead, they hand over the card to a spectator, volunteers and coaches will do the trick. The audience was really impressed when he points out that "I did not touch the cards."

Phone Tricks takes the idea of ​​a "magician did not touch the cards" go one step further, the magician is not only not touch the cards that are not designed for this purpose in the same room, city, state, or country, as the crowd of volunteers.

a matter of fact, I thought this is definitely creepy. Yet it works. This startles the magic, wonder and entertain everyone. Adapt phone tricks like this on the computer: to communicate via email, webmail, Skype, instant messaging, etc.

Source by Edward Glassman

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