An effective logo / slogan combination may be one of the best ways to successfully Brand Your Business. But you do not need to have my word for it.

Do the phrases below ring a bell?

Look to see which companies, all of which belong to the slogan. You'll find the answers at the end of the article. But before you read ahead to the answers to a couple of minutes to test the power of taglines yourself brand name of each of these best taglines belong to.

1) that the way

2) are you?

3) The quicker picker-upper

4) Just do it

5) it's everywhere you want to be

6) drivers that

7) If you absolutely, positively has to be there overnight

8) Finger-lickin-good

9) Because I'm worth it

10) Let fingers are not walking

So what exactly is a tagline?

When the marketing, one of the most powerful tools to build your brand with a slogan, a slogan. The two terms are pretty much interchangeable. I tend to use the word slogan. Following definitions for both terms:

Tags: an often repeated phrase associated with an individual, organization, or commercial product.

Slogan: a phrase expressing the aims or nature of an enterprise or organization.

are the most important part of each definitions are

1) an often repeated phrase

2) expressing the aims or nature of an enterprise

the power of a great text

Think taglines you know and remember. They communicate something unique, valuable and memorable brand they represent. And they are always included in all communications to the brand. You see the logo and slogan in there with him. Often catchy. Easy to remember. Registry. Clever. Fun. Short and sweet.

The best thing to help you remember the brand and the only thing the company wants you to remember that brand. And that's the power of a great slogan.

taglines you top-of-mind

The goal, as marketers need to achieve the marketing world we call "top of mind awareness." Simply put, it means that you want the product or service will be the first thought is that your prospects when they are considering the purchase of a product or service category. Given a chance, if they think that, first, they buy from you.

The logo / slogan Performance Combo

I love logos and taglines, especially for small business marketers because when you combine a great logo with a great slogan, is a powerful marketing combo that can communicate a bunch of very few words, a very small space.

And because you can use them in every piece of communication is to your business opportunity to engrave their repeated exposure to the prospects' minds that do not necessarily cost a lot of money.

Great taglines be a small budget. Granted we think of big-name advertisers when we think of memorable slogans, but no need to spend big bucks to be a great slogan.

the first step is to create a strong, strategic marketing on product or service. we also need to really understand what is unique and valuable product or service. and you need a very clear picture of what you want to communicate your product or service to prospects. With this information and some creative brainstorming you a memorable slogan.

If you have one, you can use everywhere!

Includes the slogan of the logo on every piece of communication and marketing you do it and you will be able to create top of mind awareness of the prospects and clients.

Here are the answers to the slogan testing

1) Burger King

2) Gatorade

3) Bounty paper towels

4) Nike

5) visa

6) Volkswagen

7) Federal Express

8) KFC

9) L & # 39; Oreal

10) Yellow Pages

How did you do? Pretty amazing how many of these you knew, did not you?

Other high-profile ad slogans, find . This is a great way to see what a good slogan modeled yours so successful. After all, one of the fastest, easiest way to get a successful model for those who already have.

(C) 2005 Debbie LaChusa

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