When considering the options for an e-mail account. We have the freedom to choose between free providers, such as Yahoo! and Gmail, or paid providers like Net Zero, AOL, Apple, Invitel and stand.

Often, the benefits paid e-mail service close to what you can get free e-mail service providers, who are constantly working to improve the service. But there are significant differences. Keep reading to find out the difference paid by service providers and free e-mail services, e-mail providers.

Bring Unique mail

The biggest difference between the amount of paid and free email services available to the personalization service. For example, if you pay your e-mail address, you are more likely to get a personalized e-mail address like

<a href="mailto:myname@myname.com"> myname@myname.com </a> free e-mail service provides limited choice of domain names in the e-mail address, which means that a single domain or to yourself, or choose one of four or five from the list of available fields. A free e-mail can watch <a href="mailto:elliotjsmith@hotmail.com"> elliotjsmith@hotmail.com </a> online storage

Then comes online storage space is available. Generally speaking, the paid email service providers greater amount of online storage space, such as free e-mail service providers. With the exception of Google's Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, a free email service provides a limited amount of space.

Ads by e-mail

free e-mail providers to make money through advertising free e-mail accounts. Businesses pay a free e-mail service to place banner and button ads appear when a user opens a free account. A kind of reverse way to make money, a lot of free service plans where customers pay to remove these ads on their own account.

Size sent e-mails

In a free account, you probably can not send files to a really great shot. Many paid accounts, however, you can do this. What you pay for is the ability to send 20MB or more files, which is a major convenience when dealing with large files, graphics, photos, and more.

portability, reliability, and support

Three other thing to consider when you sign up for an e-mail account: portability, reliability and support. Most free email services offer some support, but you may have to wait a little longer to get a response to a technical issue. Paid services tend to spend more money to support, which means pretty much any time, call and get someone on the phone who will answer your question. Also, if you sign up for a paid account, you make certain that you can access your e-mail account from anywhere, as long as you have internet access. Some paid services do not offer this.

And finally, it is certain that e-mail service provider is a site in the past most of the time. In general, both paid and unpaid email accounts tend to perform the same in this department. So whether you buy a paid account or sign up for a free, just to be sure that the service of the extras that are needed. And if you are not sure what to an e-mail account, sign up for a couple of free ones that you will certainly narrow down which features are used.

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