Paper-based data collection systems have many disadvantages, but there are one or two advantages. The disadvantages listed first include:

  • Supplies required for consumables such as feathers, ink, toner, staples, file separators, file tabs, archive boxes, and electricity
  • are required. often unreadable
  • Input fields are often too small for their content, especially when the user writes in a large script.
  • Paper pieces can easily be lost, misplaced, or misused, and if the original is lost, it is irreparable.
  • Paper documents can easily be damaged, especially if they are kept in a humid operating environment.
  • Paper documents need physical storage, storage cabinets, and archive storage that keep documents dry and pest.
  • People may accidentally forget complete tracking data, such as dates, times, and signature fields
  • People may accidentally enter incorrect data into bad spaces
  • Paper documents are generally automotive
  • Due to space constraints, paper forms must be in more than one form, thereby doubling or even tripling consumption consumption.
  • Calculated entry may be required or data should be checked for upper and lower tolerances. If you do this manually, you can easily make a mistake
  • If a document is to be sent to an interested party, it must be read in pdf format before sending it.
  • Errors can easily occur where products are needed (A, B, C, etc.).
  • Defects can easily occur when handwritten forms rely on the writer to recognize, highlight, and respond to specification results. data stored on paper is almost impossible without anyone touching the data in a spreadsheet or database or using expensive OCR features or software to convert it.

The advantages of securing the paper trays are as follows:

  • A computer terminal should not be present at the point of use
  • Paper Tray Fixing Systems Can not Collapse Like a Computer
  • There is very little training required in a paper form [19659016] The benefits of a computer data acquisition system are as follows:

    • Computer Terminal Required at Use
    • Computers May Crash and Lose Data
    • Some basic training may be required to use the system

    Benefits of a Computer Data Acquisition System are:

    • Computer systems consume low consumption rates since there is no need for printing of printed reports
    • The entered data can always be read
    • The input fields of electronically entered data are automatic packing
    • Robust automated security systems that duplicate data on two different media can make computer-stored documents very secure
    • If an electronic data file is accidentally moved (drag and drop) to a large number of data sets while retaining legibility down) can easily be found with traditional computer search technology
    • Electronic documents are usually printed in an office environment.
    • Electronic data occupy relatively few physical locations
    • Electronic systems may include robust logging systems for signing of liability signatures and other login information
    • Simple Data Verification
    • Electronic systems may be used to read bar codes on user ID cards.
    • Computing systems can easily close the date and time domains that automatically ensure the loss of important tracking data.
    • The computer does not need to manually submit the recorded data as the system can automatically save your data. Data recorded by a computer can be automatically archived after a given user's time
    • Because data recorded by a computer has a unified character size, more data can be accessed to an A4-size print while retaining legibility. (19659003) Electronic documents can be sent to interested parties by e-mail, without first copying or scanning.
    • Computers can automatically evaluate product results against complex multiple specifications
    • Computers
    • Electronic data is easily locked to prevent further editing or deletion
    • Electronic data can be automatically enforced and blocked if the bad data not
    • Easily collected and analyzed electronically collected data without need for a further process

    All in all, there are a lot more advantages of computer data collection for paper-based systems. Many people still do not trust 100% of computers. We've always lost data, but this is usually done with software that allows the user to turn off automatic backup features. Well-designed system must be easy to use and data security


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